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240 Led Blue & White Snowing Icicle Christmas Lights Outdoor + Timer Premier


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Premier Decorations LV162182BW

Snowing Icicle Premier Decorations 240 snowing icicle lights with a combination of white & Blue LED’s.

These fabulous Christmas icicle lights incorporate a total of 240 LED’s which have a multi function facility to enable you to set the snowing action to fast or slow, whichever your preference maybe.

A timer function is built into the light set, so when the set is switched on for the first time, they will stay on for 6 hours and then automatically switch off for 18 hours.

The cycle then repeats as long as the lights are powered.

Suitable for outdoor use and mains operated but must be plugged into an indoor socket.

Approx 10m lead to approx 5.8m lit length.

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