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Hardy Perennial


Agapanthus Africanus ‘Charlotte’ Perennial XXL Supersize Plug Plants Pack x3


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Agapanthus Charlotte is a compact variety of this popular Nile Lily.

Ideal for the front of the border, or for planters and will bloom prolifically from late June to October.

Agapanthus have lovely flowers, rounded globes that form of masses of individual blue star shaped blooms.

Commonly known as the Lily of the Nile, this Agapanthus is a reliable species that will thrive in a sunny border or container in well drained soil.

Height Up To 60cm (24in)

Spread Up To 45cm (18in)


Pack of three supersize plug plants ( approx 50mm root base) large enough for direct planting into borders & pots.

Frost protection required until risk has passed.

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