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Baby Bio RTU 40ml Liquid Drip Feeders Plant Food 4 House Plants Pack x4


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Pack of four Baby Bio 4 x 40ml Drip Feeders Ready to use plant feeders from the market leader.

Each feeder lasts for up to 1 month.

A general purpose house plant food for greener leaves and vibrant blooms.

Easy to follow instructions for use:

Cut the tip off drip feeder using scissors.

Push feeder into the put, with cut tip in the soil.

Water plant as usual.

Leave in place for 3-4 weeks until the feeder is empty.

Use one drip feeder in pots up to 15-20cm.

More than one feeder can be used in larger pots.

A weekly feed will keep green plants healthy and will encourage flowering plants to put on a good show of blooms.

Baby Bio Drip Feeders will ensure a regular feeding over a period of time.