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Bayer Bio Ultimate Slug & Snail Killer Garden Pest Control 400g


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Bayer Garden Slug & Snail Killer 400g, is the market-leading slug and snail killer.

Free-flowing light blue coloured shower proof slug pellets.

Bayer Garden Slug & Snail Killer 400g helps in protecting around susceptible plants including all vegetable crops, flowers and bedding plants in pots and containers.

In damp or humid conditions re-apply every 2-3 weeks. Scatter pellets thinly, do not leave in piles.

Read the product label before use.

Bayer Garden Slug & Snail Killer 400g

Optimal application between: March – September

Possible application between: October – February

Covers 454 sq. m

Unique scatter cap makes it easier to accurately apply the slug pellets.

Ready to use blue mini-pellets contain a repellent to reduce attractiveness to children and pets.

For use around bedding plants, fruit and vegetable crops, beds & borders and containers.

Available sizes: 400g, 750g (with unique dosing cap to make it even easier to apply) or 1kg. Use on Flowerbeds, Vegetable Garden, Shrubs, Trees, Orchard and Patio