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Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer 30ml Concentrate New Pack


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Destroys & Defends

Makes up to 60 litres of spray

Can be used on Ornamental Plants & Fruit & Veg

Will kill whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, thrips, mealy bugs, scale insects,caterpillars,, leaf hoppers, capsids, weevils,flea beetles,codling & tortix moths.

Provado Ultimate Bug killer concentrate is a systemic insecticide that kills a wide range of pests and keeps working inside the plant to prevent further infestation.

It quickly controls pests on contact even killing hidden pests such as scale insects.

It can be used on ornamental plants, house plants & glasshouse tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, courgettes & peppers.

It can also be used on a wide variety of fruit, can fruit & selected vegetables.

Instructions for use For use only as a home garden insecticide.

Maximum spray concentration 0.1ml product per litre of water.

Use immediately after mixing using a garden sprayer

When & How to use

Shake bottle well

Using measuring cap provided add the recommended dose (Information provided with product) for each litre of water in a watering can.

Mix thoroughly & use immediately.

Spray the whole plant evenly until just before run off For control of whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insect, mealy bugs, woolly aphids, lily beetles, sawfly & capsid bug.

Use all year round indoors & from April to September outdoors.

You should use this product at first appearance of insects and if necessary re apply as directed on the instructions provided depending on the crop.

Bayer also have an advisory line which is very informative 0845 345 4100