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Bayer Provado Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Bug Killer Concentrate – 30ml


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Provado ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate 2 systemic insecticide is a revolution in pest control.

It works fast to kill a wide range of pests on contact and then keeps on working inside the plant systemically, killing even hidden pests such as Scale insect and Mealybug and preventing further infestation.

Previously only available to the professional market, kills most common insect pests on an extensive range of fruit and vegetable Ready to use formulation for use on a comprehensive range of fruit and veg plants such as apples and pears, peas, runner beans, lettuce and many more

Protects for up to 4 weeks Kills and controls greenfly, black fly, caterpillars, beetles, weevils, apple & pears suckers, Capsids, sawfly and whitefly

30ml Concentrate pack , makes up to 60 litres.