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Bidens Hawaiian Flare ‘Bi-Colour Star’ Plug Plants Pack x6


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The Bidens ‘Hawaiian Flare’ series is a stunning new series of Bidens produces a profuse amount of orange, red or bi-color blooms. The ‘Hawaiian Flare’ series has good disease resistance.

It is important to allow the soil to dry between watering, so this is a great choice for water-wise gardens.

The star-shaped flowers of the ‘Hawaiian Fare’ series bloom from May to October and are self-cleaning.

The well-branched plants grow 12-18 inches tall and 36 inches wide and create a lush ground cover if planted in flower beds.

These plants are also an excellent choice for window boxes, hanging baskets and mixed containers.

Plant in full sun along the coast and full sun to part shade inland. Height: 30cm (12″). Spread: 35cm (14″).

Pack six plug plants, ready for potting on.