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Hardy Perennial


Ceanothus ‘Repens’ (Californian Lilac) Evergreen Shrub XXL Supersize Plug Plants Pack x3


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Commonly known as Creeping Blue Blossom or Californian Lilac ,

lovely shrub with its blue blooms and glossy evergreen leaves, during late spring and early summer it create clouds of colour that are a magnet to pollinators.

Very easy to grow, one the hardiest members of the ceanothus family, A fairly compact plant that is perfect for growing in a pot if you are limited on space.

You can also grow it up a wall or trellis where it can climb higher than its normal 1.5m height.

Pack three XXL plug plants ( approx 50mm+ rootball) ., Supersize plug plants ready to transplant into Borders, tubs and pots.

Frost protection required until risk subsides.

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