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Colocasia (Elephants Ears) Hawaiian Punch LARGE Plug Plants Pack x6


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Colocasia, also know as as elephants ears is a fantastic statement plant.

It will produce enormous foliage from early summer through to the first frost.

There are a number of variety that all perform better in a part shady location.

Hawaiian Punch can be grown in sun or part shade.

They like plenty of water to encourage lushes foliage , how big can you get yours!!

Foliage is produced from early summer through to the frost.

They are a half hardy perennial so can be lifted or protected/ overwintered for next year as well !!

Grown in pots they can be moved to the greenhouse easily!

Height: 80 – 90 cm

Spread ; 60-90cm Pack of six Large plug plants ( approx 40mm around twice the size of standard plug plants) , Large enough to direct plant .

Frost protection required until risk subsides.

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