Dimensions 50546365 cm

Dahlia Bulb/Tuber Cactus Dahlia ‘Bridge View Aloha’ WPC Prins Quality Summer Bulbs


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‘Aloha’ has vibrant orange-yellow spiky flowers typical of semi-cactus Dahlia, tipped with fiery red.

It is medium sized and a popular exhibition variety.

Planting Depth: 15cm F

lowering Height: 140cm

Bulb / Tuber Size; 1

W.P.C Prins Only a few summer flowers are as rewarding as these easy-to-grow tuberous rooted plants.

Dahlias are excellent cut flowers which bloom for a very long time.

They are undemanding as to soil and site and will give you pleasure for years to come at very low cost.

Keep frost-free in winter.