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Doff 3 in 1 Lawn Feed, Weed & Mosskiller 1kg Pack Garden Fertilizer


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New Doff 3in1 Lawn Feed, Weed & Mosskiller Garden Fertilizer 1kg Pack!


Doff 3in1 Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer kills weeds and moss.

The easy to use granule application produces greens lawns in seven days.

Contains: 2,4-D + mecoprop-P + ferrous sulphate.

1kg treats 30sqm

Leaves grass healthy

NPK 8:4:4 with Magnesium Calcium & iron

Use 3 days after mowing and 4 days before mowing

Apply when lawns are actively growing and soil is moist

Do not use more than 3 three times in the same season

Keep away from Children and Pets

Regulated & Approved Pesticide

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