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Doff Power Up 3x More Coverage Slug & Snail Killer 650g Ferric Phosphate


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Doff Power Up Slug & Snail Killer MAPP 18982 PCS 06422 is a Ready to use bait

Containing 37 g/kg hydrated ferric phosphate (technical) [at least 29 g/kg anhydrous ferric phosphate].

Presented as a ready to use baited pellet in an easy to use large sized 650g bottle which can treat approximately 928 square meters.


Reduces damage caused by slugs and garden snails

Suitable for organic gardening

Slugs move away to die leaving no excessive slime and no visible dead slugs

Contains Ferric Phosphate

*Doff Power Up Slug & Snail Killer is showerproof for 14 days.

Repeat application may be required after 7 days if excess rain occurs