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DOFF Rose & Shrub Shield Bug & Fungus Killer 1 Litre


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Protect your prized roses, as well as other shrubs, with this single combined Bug and Fungus Killer.

Combining efficient control of blackspot, mildew and rusts.

Also gets rid of greenfly, blackfly and spider mites too.

One solution for 2 problems, this is one for the stockpile!

Supplied as 1L Ready to Use Spray gun. Combined fungicide & Insecticide treatment.

Ultimate defence for roses.

Easy to use.

Contains: Cypermethrin & Myclobutanil

Doff Bug and Fungus Killer with rose shield in a ready to use sprayer.

Combined insecticide plus fungicide for use on roses. Kills aphids and provides some control of rust and blackspot.

1 litre of product should be sufficient to treat 10-20 sq.m.

Do not apply when bees are actively foraging.

Spray thoroughly to wet upper and lower surface of leaves and stems.

Contains 0.05g/l cypermethrin and 0.075 g/l myclobutanil

Harmful to fish or other aquatic life

Dangerous to bees

Keep away from children and pets Keep product in original container

Use only as a home garden insecticide and fungicide When using do not eat, drink or smoke

Wash hands after use