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Dwarf Chilli Pepper ‘Apache F1’ Hot Peppers Pack Kings Vegetable Seeds


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Chilli Pepper Apache F1

Vegetable Garden Seeds Kings Seeds Leading seed suppliers since 1888.

A dwarf bush variety producing masses of small chilli-type fruit. Young green fruits are milder in flavour, the heat increases as peppers mature.

10 seeds

Can be grown outside but only in sheltered sunny position, best results are obtained in polytunnels or a glasshouse.

Sow in modules or peat pots, 2 seeds per cell under glass at 17°C in March for under cover crops and April for outside crops. Thin to a single seedling as soon as possible.

As the seedlings grow reduce the heat to 14-15°C. When large enough to handle transplant to 9cm pots.

Outdoor plants should be gradually hardened off before planting out in late May about 50cm apart. If the plants are still a single stem when about 30cm tall, pinch out the growing tip to encourage side shoots.

Fruit are ready to pick when firm, shiny and green, left on a plant they will mature further to their final colour.

Water regularly and often.

Approx 10 seeds Per Pack

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