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Dwarf French Bean Tendergreen Pack Kings Vegetable Seeds


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Dwarf French Bean Tendergreen Seeds

Kings Seeds Leading seed suppliers since 1888.

Medium long pencil podded type of light green with distinct purple markings which disappear on cooking.Virtually string-less and a good freezer.

Early sowings can be started under cloches as long as they are in place at least a fortnight before sowing.

Alternatively seeds can be sown in pots or modules under glass and transplanted later in the season.

Protected sowings can start in April, outdoor sowings and transplanting are possible only from mid-May onward.

Successional sowing is recommended for a continuous supply.

Sow the seeds 4-5cm deep, 20cm apart in double rows 20cm apart, stagger the seeds so that plants in one row grow midway between plants in the next.

Sow a few seeds extra at the end of the row, to transplant in any gaps. The site must be wind free and sunny to get the best results.

Pick the pods when young and regularly to encourage new growth.

Approx 150 seeds Per Pack

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