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Flymo EasiCut 460 Powerful Electric Hedge Trimmer


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The Flymo Easicut 460 is an electric hedge trimmer that makes light work of heavy hedges.

The diamond ground, double action dual reciprocating blades make for a faster and neater finish.

This trimmer features a unique central handle that is designed for easier, safer use and a transparent safety guard enables you to see what you are doing.

The Easicut 460 has a spiral self-retracting safety cable with a belt clip to help prevent the long 12 m cable coming into contact with the cutting blades.

Product details:

Cutting Length: 460 mm

Weight: 3.10 kg

Wattage: 450 W

Voltage: 240

V Power

Type: Electric

Cable Length: 12 m

Colour: Orange

Manufacturer Model No: FEASICUT460

Brand Name: Flymo

Features & benefits 46 cm

Cutting length

450 W electric motor

15 mm blade gap

12 m electric cable

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