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Gardena Circular Garden Sprinkler Vario With Spike (Max. Radius 4.25m) 1949-20


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The Gardena Circular Garden Sprinkler Vario is a spike garden sprinkler that allows you to evenly and easily water large areas of up to 225m2.

It features 7 settings in stages of 45o from 90o to 360o to allow you to tailor your garden watering easily.

The settings can easily be selected by adjusting the dial to the appropriate setting.

The sprinkler can be placed ‘in line’ for watering of very large areas. Simply remove the ‘end cap’ from the sprinkler and replace it with a tap connector and connect it via a hose pipe to another sprinkler. There is a fine-mesh, removable dirt filter that prevents debris from entering the sprinkler which is easily cleaned to improve efficiency.

This sprinkler is mounted onto a spike for secure anchoring in lawns and borders

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