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Geranium Scented Grandeur Odorata Cola® Plug Plants Pack x6


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A range of Fragrant geraniums with wonderful fragrance from the Grandeur range.

Grandeur Odorata Cola® Odorata Cola’ has a wonderful cola scent.

Fragrant geraniums are originally from South Africa and related to the geranium for balconies. They came over from England in the 17th Century.

The British are well known for their love for special things. It is not only the flowers which delight us, but also the special shape of the leaves and the exceptionally intense fragrance.

The leaves have glandular hairs, which spread a special fragrance when touching, or when it is windy or raining.

The delicate flowers and the serrated, dark leaves make this plant such a must-have and trend-setter.

Often kept as house plants to rid unwanted smells popular with kitchens & restaurants.

Pack of six plug plants.

Frost protection required !