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Lillium Double-Flowering Asiatic Lily ‘Apricot Fudge’ WPC Prins Bulbs Pack x1


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A very special and unusual lily, It produces rose shaped flowers in a salmon / apricot colour.

Apricot fudge lily is a fairly new species.

The special, apricot-coloured double flower is quite reminiscent of a rose, but with the characteristic pistils of a lily!

Apricot fudge lily has a striking appearance and can grow up to 60 cm high.

Like most lilies they are good in containers and for the best results plant in groups of 3 or more.

Lilies are an excellent garden plant.

Lilies can be left undisturbed for years and only need to be moved when they become overcrowded.

Lilies prefer well drained soil.

Pack contains; One bulb/Corm

Size; 18/20

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