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New 7.5ft Hemlock Artificial Christmas Tree PE & PVC Mixed Realistic Pine


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The Hemlock Pine is a bushy tree and one of the more distinctive artificial Christmas trees around.

Made from a PE and moulded plastic mix this Tree has a very spikey realistic look and visitors will take a closer look and touch to ascertain whether it is a real tree or not.

The Hemlock Pine Christmas Tree branches are not completely symmetrical adding to its natural appearance.

It comes with a folding metal stand and available in two heights , A classy tree when decorated, The Hemlock Pine is based on the original Hemlock Pine tree found across the US.

This tree looks perfect in any home.

Height: 7.5ft

Diameter: 55ins

Branch Tips: 1858

Needle Type: PE and Plastic

Needle Colour: Green

Branch Type: Hinged

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