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New Doff Tomato Feed / Plant Feed Liquid 1 Litre Pack Vegetable Fertilizer


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The seaweed extract stimulates germination, rooting, improves natural plant health and helps the plant to withstand environmental stress

Ideal for use with grow bags, giant planters and tomatoes growing in open soil, produces top quality and delicious full flavoured tomatoes

Also ideal for flowering pot plants that preciate a high potash feed, this liquid plant feed with seaweed extract supplies many micro-nutrients, essential for maximum growth and better crops

Application rate are 1 capful (15ml) into 7 litres of water

Contains: fertiliser NPK 4:5:8 with added seaweed and magnesium Nitrogen for healthy leaf growth

Phosphorous for strong roots

Potassium for an abundance of flower and fruits

Added mineral pure liquid seaweed extract and magnesium

Sizes: 500ml (JG500), 1 litre (JGA00) and 2.5 litres (JGB50)

Coverage: 500ml makes up to 233 litres, 1 litre makes up to 466 litres and 2.5 litres makes up to 1165 litres

Use: March to September