Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 50546365 cm

New Gardena Micro Drip System Pk x3 Pipe Guide 13mm Garden Watering 13208-20


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With the GARDENA Pipe Guide, pipes from the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System can be secured in the ground.

In addition, the Pipe Guide allows a defined spray-nozzle fixation in the13 mm (4.6/16″) Supply Pipe.

Together with the T-Joint for Spray Nozzles (Art. No. 8332-20) and the Extension Pipe (Art. No. 1377-20) the height of the spray nozzles can be adjusted.

Three Pipe Guides are included.

Together with a T-Joint for Spray Nozzles and Extension Pipes, the height of spray nozzles can be adjusted.

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