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New Natural Stem Artificial Topiary Sweet Bay Leaf Ball Lollipop Tree 4ft


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Artificial Plants and trees add colour to places where live plants may struggle and are relativity maintenance free!

Ideal for Home, Hotel, Restaurant , Shop & Pub ect ect, Suitable for indoor use.

Made of synthetic silk effect leaves and set into a real wooden stem, the Artificial Topiary sweet bay Tree make a great focal plant in any display,.

These Artificial plants come cemented into a soft plastic pot for weight only, these should ideally be set into a planter or more decorative pot to really accentuate the look of the plant.


Total height; 135cm (Approx 4ft)

Total Width: 50cm (Approx)

Pot Included: Yes basic only

Leaf Construction: Faux Silk

Natural Wooden Stem

Suitable For Indoor Use

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