Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 50546365 cm

Pack 25 GARDENA Micro Drip Endline Drip Head Fittings 13307 / 1340


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Out of stock

GARDENA Micro Drip Endline Drip Head 2 l/h (01340-20)

This Endline Drip Head is ideally suited – as part of the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System – for spot irrigation of single standing plants or longer rows of plants with similar water requirements, e.g. hedges.

The water distribution quantity is approx. 2 litres per hour.

For the irrigation of single standing plants, the Endline Drip Head is twisted into the end of a (3/16″) Supply Pipe.

With the Installation Tool (Art.-No. 8322-20) the 13 mm (1/2″) Connecting Pipe can be bored and the Endline Drip Head directly mounted. 25 drip heads and one cleaning needle are included. The cleaning needle serves to easily clean a dirty drip head.

With the GARDENA Endline Drip Head, plant rows with similar water requirements can be easily irrigated and water can be saved.

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