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Tomato ‘Shirley F1’ Superb Variety Greenhouse Pack Kings Seeds


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One of the most popular hybrid varieties, early into production with large trusses of medium size fruits on strong plants.

Sow seeds in trays of good compost 5cm apart, 2 seeds per cell into modules or peat pots under glass at 18°C in January or February for glasshouse crops of March and April for outdoor crops.

Cover lightly with compost, water and place glass or polythene over the containers to retain humidity.

As soon as the seedlings appear remove the cover.

Thin module or peat pot sowings to single seedlings.

Once two true leaves have formed, tray seedlings should be transplanted to individual 9cm pots.

Harden off outdoor plants gradually before planting out. When the first trusses of flowers appear transfer to the growing site. Growbags are the most common method of glasshouse growing, 3 plants per bag.

Outdoor plants should be set 45cm apart with 75cm between rows.

Stake the plants for support tying the stem loosely to the cane.

As small shoots appear a the leaf joints remove them when about 2cm long.

Take out the growing point when the plants reach the glasshouse eaves or the top of the cane outdoors.

Water regularly and often, uneven watering causes fruit to split and black blotches to form on the base of the fruit – known as Blossom End rot.

Approx 15 seeds Per Pack

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