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WOLF-Garten Multi-Change ‘Double Hoe’ 8cm ILM3 Quality Garden Tools


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The practical Wolf iLM 3 hand tools can fulfill three functions;

loosening close to plants and between the rows, earthing up and weeding with the broad hoeing and earthing blade.

With an 8 cm working width and a broad, sharp angled blade the Wolf iLM 3 hand tools can draw out seed drills as well as providing excellent weeding properties.

The Wolf Multi-Change system allows the user to fit every head to every handle, but, the manufacturer says the double hoe is ideal for fitting to the ZM140W ash handle.

Comes with a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About the Multichange System

Gardeners who have experienced the many advantages of the multi-change® click solution do not want to change system ever again. Experience the benefits of interchangeable tools with the benefit of a single click system. A range of solutions are available including standard hand tools, specialist hand tools, brooms and even a pond net!

Important Note: Multi change tools require a separate handle for a complete solution. Every product in the WOLF-Garten multi-change collection is manufactured in Germany to the highest of engineering standards.

This quality assurance is reflected by the 10 year guarantee that covers every item in the range.