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Dimensions 50546365 cm

South Eastern Horticultural


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Plug plant


South Eastern Horticultural


Osteospermum Cape Daisy 3D ‘Banana Shake Summer Plug Plants Pack x6


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Out of stock

New double-flowered Osteospermum will truly delight this Summer with its unusual double blooms!

Gorgeous filled-anemone cushion style centres really set them apart from other patio plants.

The paler blush and tinted outer petals contrast beautifully with the deeper, darker coloured cushion centres, their individual stamens creating the most enchanting effect up close.

Osteospermum ‘3D are ideal for summer borders and patio pots and are also remarkably drought tolerant meaning that they are perfect for low maintenance areas of your garden too.

Height; 40cm


Frost protection required until risk has passed.