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Crocus Bulbs ‘Mixed’ WPC Prins Quality Spring Bulbs Pack 15


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Colour: MixedFlowers: April to MayHeight: 10 cmPlant from August,Pack contains 15 bulbs.APPLICATION . Naturalizing in wild gardens, rockeries, woodland, between shrubs and in tubs on patio and balcony.POSITION . Full sun or partial shade.SOIL REQUIREMENT . Likes a rather heavy soil with a good supply of humus, well-drained. Enrich sandy soil with peat or leaf-mould.CULTIVATION . Crocus spread rapidly and should be lifted every 3 – 4 years after the foliage fades, divided and replanted. A top-dressing of high potash (K) and phosphate (P) fertiliser from early in the spring is beneficial for better flowering the following year.

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