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Green Manures Seed ‘FIELD BEANS’ Pack King’s Seeds


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Sow in rows 20cm apart with about 10cm between seeds.

It is winter hardy for sowing in September to November.

Improve your soil fertility, increase the humus content, improve the structure of the soil or simply blanket the bare soil and suppress weed growth whilst the ground is not in use.

Pack size: 6 Sq.M. Pack

GROWING TIME Over winter.

SOIL TYPE Heavy land.

DIGGIN IN Any time in spring before flowering.

COVERAGE 6 square metres. 1 ROD – 5.5 x 5.5 sq. yds. = 30.25 sq. yds. or 25.3 sq.m.

COMMENTS Excellent nitrogen fixer and extremely winter hardy. If plants become too large, chop down before digging in.

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