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Runner Bean ‘Scarlet Emperor’ ORGANIC Seed Pack Kings Seeds


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Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor Seeds ORGANIC Seed.

Kings Seeds Leading seed suppliers since 1888.

An old favourite. Early into production, shorter growing and slightly rough pod texture but outstanding flavour.

Thinking ahead will achieve the best crops, do not wait until sowing time as the most important time is the autumn. It is then that the ground should be prepared by choosing the site and digging well and incorporating a good quantity of manure.

Runner beans are frost tender so sowing has to be started under glass in late April or in the growing site in mid-May in the south or mid-June in the north. Sow seeds individually in pots under glass at 12°C and transplant in late May or sow seeds at 15cm intervals in rows 60cm apart.

Canes are the placed at each plant leaning to form triangles and cross members are added at the top and all tied together to form one long arch which the plants can the cover.

In smaller areas the canes can be formed into wigwam shapes.

When sowing outdoors, plants a few extra seeds at the end of the row to transplant into any gaps.

Regular watering is essential once pods have started to form and no pods should be left on the plants to get old or the production of new pods will cease.

Pinch out the growing tip when the plants reach the top of the canes.

Can be grown on the groung by pinchig out the growing point when about 20cm long but quality and yields are poorer.

Harvesting should start in July until the frost arrives.

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