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Pack Kings Vegetable Garden Seeds Cucumber All Female Styxx F1 ORGANIC Seed


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Cucumber All Female Styx F1 ORGANIC Seed

Kings Seeds Leading seed suppliers since 1888.

Straight, uniform fruit of excellent quality. Open plant habit for eady working and with a high level of tolerance to Powdery Mildew.


Sow the seeds edgewise 1cm deep in individual pots under glass at a constant day and night temperature of 25°C. As soon as the seedlings have formed three true leaves, transplant into 15cm pots. When the plants are about 10cm tall, plant out in the growing site maintaining 21°C. Male flowers can appear under stress conditions and should be removed immediately.

Cucumbers prefer a moist atmosphere; spray the floor of the glasshouse with water regularly to maintain humidiity.

When watering, always use tap water at room temperature to avoid any bacterial infection.

Handy Tip

One of the traditional ways to ensure germination is to fold a damp sheet of kitchen paper in half, and place the seeds on their edge in the fold. Then place in a plastic bag and put them in the airing cupboard. Check daily and once germinated, place seed in compost and grow on as normal.

Approx 4 seeds Per Pack

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