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Pack x2 Bayer Victor Advanced Mouse Trap / Traps


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Pack of two traps deal. Re-usable plastic traps. Safe and simple to set.


• Quick and easy to set

• No poison trap

• Reusable Advice on application

• Mice prefer to feed under cover.

Traps should be placed close to solid objects such as walls or under cupboards. For effective control, use several traps spread throughout the infested area. Mice live in family groups so although you may have only seen one, several are likely to be present.

1. Push the lever down and remove the protective cap from the bait tray. Place bait (such as peanut butter or chocolate) carefully onto tray while holding down the lever.

2. Place the trap where you think there are mice. Place near wall as mice rarely cross open spaces. Check trap at regular intervals.

3. Depress the lever to remove the dead mouse without having to touch it. The trap is now ready for re-use.

Wash hands thoroughly. Precaution for use • Take care when setting traps.

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