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Flowering Period



Hardy Perennial




Aconitum ‘Napellus’ (Monkshood) XXL Supersize Perennial Plug Plants Pack x3


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This is a tall herbaceous perennial with deeply cut and divide leaves which are a lovely deep green.

Each shoot, which emerges early in spring, bears a tall spike of unusual dark blue, hooded flowers much loved by bees.

These are followed by long narrow upright seedpods.

Preferred Aspect: Partial Shade

Height: 1-1.2m

Spread: 60cm

Herbaceous Perennial.

Caution. Toxic if eaten / harmful via skin. All parts of the plant are poisonous.

Pack three supersize plug plants ( over 50mm rootbase) ., Good size plug plants ready to transplant into borders, baskets, tubs and pots.

Frost protection required until risk subsides.

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