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Hardy Perennial


Pack x3 Hypericum Inodorum Magical® Sunshine Shrub XXL Supersize Plug Plants


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A lovely Hypercium variety selected for its repeat flowering and abundance of colourful ornamental fruit, It will form a well branched, compact bush and will tolerate most soil types, preferring a sunny or part shady position. Their generous flowering and fruiting makes them ideal for small gardens or patios, and their aforementioned rust resistance reduces care to a minimum, with just a light pruning in the spring required.

The MAGICAL® range of hypericum’s produce – a quality, semi-evergreen, rather dark green, especially rust resistant foliage, – rather dense and well-branched growth, – an abundance of small yellow flowers with big stamens, from May-June onwards, – generous forming of fruits from June-July onwards, – excellent and very quick second flowering,

Height; 90cm/2.9ft

Spread; 60-70cm/1.9-2.2ft wide,

Pack of three super-size plug plants (approx 50mm root base, A typical XXL size plug plant is shown for illustration only) large enough for direct planting into borders, tubs & pots.

Frost protection required until risk has passed.

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