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Delosperma Nubigenum ‘Deep Yellow’ Perennial Plug Plants Pack x6


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Delosperma nubigenum deep yellow, is a Hardy Ice Plant,

A mat-forming Delosperma with attractive flowers in a bright cheery deep yellows.

It has the largest flowers in its genus.

It is one of the hardiest Delospermas and will take sub-zero temperatures down to about -10C but it needs to be kept perfectly dry throughout the winter.

Delospermas low-growing habit makes it ideal in a gravel bed or scrambling over rocks.

Delosperma (Ice Plant) is a vigorous, spreading, mat forming perennial forming a stunning carpet of attractive succulent foliage, covered with a profusion of brightly colored flowers from late spring to the first frost.

Good size plug plants ready to transplant into approx 9cm pots.

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