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Parsley ‘Italian Giant’ Pack Herb Seeds Suffolk Herbs


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Parsley is the most popular and widely grown of all the herbs.

It is rich in vitamins and can be used raw as a garnish or in salads.

It is so versatile it can even be added to many recipes and sauces during cooking.

It is ideal for freezing but as it is such a hardy herb, there is rarely any need to do this.

The ideal plant to have on your window sill in your kitchen!

Italian Giant Parsley is a much hardier variety than its curled counterparts, and should withstand most winters (yes, even the UK ones!).

It has a vigourous growing habit that germinates easily, producing an aromatic plant with large, bright green plain leaves.

It boasts a good strong flavour that is widely used in many dishes and in bouquet garni.

Pack size: 450 Seeds

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