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Penstemon Hartwegii Polaris™ Red Plug Plants Pack x 6


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A new strain with Improved breeding that has produced the Polaris series of Penstemons with larger more vibrant flowers and strong bushy plants that produce lots of buds.

The tubular flowers make great wildlife feeder.

Penstemon Polaris perform their best in well-drained soils and when growing in full sun.

These showy Penstemon can be used as cutflowers.

Fertilize monthly during the active growing season.

Remove old flowers to encourage re-blooming.

Height : 16 – 18″ (41 – 46cm) Width : 14 – 16″ (36 – 41cm).

Pack six plug plants, Good size plug plants ready to transplant into approx 9cm pots.

Frost protection required until risk subsides.

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