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Hardy Perennial


Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’ Perennial Grasses/Flax 9cm Pot Plant x1


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Adding colour to the garden year-round,

Phormium tenax ‘Yellow Wave’ (New Zealand Flax) is a very ornamental and robust evergreen perennial

Phormium or New Zealand Flax are striking and highly architectural evergreen plants, they make superb, colourful all season container specimens or can be very effective planted within a Mediterranean themed garden.

Larger plants may produce exotic flower spikes during the season, especially in warmer summers.

Ideal for a more contemporary gardening style.

Phormiums prefer a situation of full sun to bring out the best colouration although they will take a little shade, they like some moisture in the soil without it being waterlogged in winter.

While they are hardy in many parts of the UK, especially closer to the sea.

Phormiums in colder inland gardens are best given a warm sunny spot, or grown in a container with some shelter.

Compact, neat growth up to 150cm Tall.



Special large size , garden ready potted plant (approx 90mm pot size) Garden ready plant large enough for direct planting into borders, tubs & pots.


Frost protection required until risk has passed.

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