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Tom Chambers Squirrel Stop Wild Bird Peanut Feeder SQ020


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The Tom Chambers Squirrel Stop Feeder is designed to prevent squirrels and larger birds accessing the food.

It is made from heavy duty metal and is built to last.

The strong metal ports close when a larger bird of squirrel lands on the perch.

With a strong lid which closes first, it will also prevent squirrels from accessing the food from the top of the feeder.

The feeder also contains a built in squirrel baffle as an extra deterrent. Heavy duty feeder suitable for peanuts.

‘Smart’ feeding ports prevent squirrels or larger birds from feeding, allowing your garden birds to feed safely.

Heavy duty steel components with ‘Smart’ feeding ports.

Squirrel proof lid with spring loaded clasps.

Large feeding perches and built in squirrel baffle.

Simply remove the lid and fill with peanuts.

Hang your feeder in an open space to prevent potential predator attack.

Replenish your feeder regularly.

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