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Verbascum Special Dwarf ‘Dark Eyes’ Perennial pack x6 Plug Plants


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‘Dark Eyes’ is a dwarf Verbascum that displays pyramids of long blooming spikes of soft yellow flowers with a bold red eye.

The soft leaves are silvery-green and form a tight rosette.

It has a very compact habit that makes it a good choice as a ground cover.

It grows best in well drained soil.

A long lasting biennial that will shine in your garden for years.

A biennial will self seed to continue the growing process.

Removing the flower spikes improves the appearance of the plant and promotes new growth, but some should remain on the plant for self seeding.

Sun loving & will bring butterflies to your garden.

Max Height: 30cm / 12 Inches

Max Spread: 25cm / 10 Inches

Pack of six plug plants, Ready for potting on.

Frost protection required until risk has passed.

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