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WOLF-Garten LLM 5cm Multi-Change Small Double Hoe Quality Tool


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The multi-change soil care and rockery tool range from Wolf Garten incorporates all the tools needed to keep borders in blooming good health.

Each tool has a solid, robust design with tines, prongs and blades that will resist bending, wear and corrosion.

Wolf Garten’s multi-change range is specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable to use.

Each tool in the collection has its own distinctive feature that makes the tool work harder and last longer.

Your Wolf Garten LLM multi-change double hoe is a dual-purpose tool that will take the effort out of breaking up soil and making seed drills.

The twin prongs on your LLM double hoe break up heavy lumps of soil with ease, leaving your soil ready for sowing.

The small pointed blade makes seed drills ready for planting.

As part of the distinctive multi-change system, this tool head should be used with one of the selection of handles in the multi-change range.

Simply choose the correct handle length to suit your height, choose between wooden and aluminium handles, then just ‘click’ the tool head onto the handle to lock it into place.