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WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Springtine Lawn Rake UAM


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WOLF-Garten Multi-Change ‘Springtine’ Lawn Rake UAM

Quality Garden Tools With a working width of 50 cm, the Wolf DRM40 Multi-Change Spring Tine Rake is designed to remove leaves and other debris from your lawn such as moss and thatch. Suitable for all multi-change handles Unique curved fan shape, cleans and collects grass from large areas Specially designed tines which won’t dig into the grass.

WOLF-Garten’s Multi-Change® range is specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable to use. Each tool in the collection has its own unique features that make the tool work harder and last longer. The “every tool head fits every handle”

Multi-Change® range comprises of 14 handles of different lengths (to suit your height and the task in hand) and around 50 tool heads to cater for any type of gardening task.

When you find a handle that you love, you can choose from WOLF-Garten’s comprehensive section of tool heads and just “click” them together to get any gardening done with a straight back.

Once you have chosen the handle, you can keep adding to your collection of tool heads as it only takes a quick press of a button to release one tool head and swap it for another.

Every tool head in this collection will fit whichever handle you purchase, so you can convert from cultivating to weeding to raking by simply switching tool heads and using the same handle, saving you storage space, money and, most importantly, a lot of backache!

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