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Wolf -Garten Single Handed Comfort Grass Shears RiLL Garden Shears


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The WOLF-Garten Comfort single-handed shears (RI-LL) are ideal for edging and trimming lawns in places that are difficult to get at, such as along walls and fences.

Manufactured in Germany, the non-stick coated wavy-edged blades allow for an endlessly precise cut- even after prolonged use.

Other features include: a 180 rotating blade head to suit the angle of any lawn edge, a practical single-handed safety lock and an integrated knuckle protector as standard.

* Cutting head: 180 rotating blade head

* Blade coating: Non-stick-coated blades

* Blade ground: Wavy blades; both sides ground

* Grip: Comfort grip handle

* Extras: Comfort grip handle and knuckle protection

* Non-stick coated blades

* 180 rotating blade head