Dimensions 50546365 cm

Wolf Professional aluminium secateur RR5000 Secateurs


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The result: A soft and effortless cut without jarring, even after thousands of cutting operations.

The integral spring, which is securely protected in the cutter head is unique, and means no more contamination, no more catching and no more getting lost.

The joints of the hand and the underarm are protected by the 30′-angled cutter head, as there is no need to overstretch the hand.

The professional high-strength aluminium grips with smooth plastic inlays thus sit comfortably in the hand.

As with all WOLF-Garten ‘Professional’ shears, the wearing parts are replaceable.

Product Description Features & Benefits:

– Bypass cut for delicate and precise pruning

– Angled head gives optimum comfort when cutting

– High quality aluminium surface

– Integral spring prevents it being lost

– Replaceable blade