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Doff Concentrated Weedout XTRA TOUGH Weedkiller Sachets 2 x 80ml


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Doff WeedOut XTRA TOUGH Concentrated Weedkiller is supplied in two separate easy to use sachets.

Simply pour a single sachet into a watering can, add water and treat required weeds.

This systemic weedkiller kills the plant and right down to the roots.

There is no residue, enabling the ground to be used for planting.

Contains: 90g/l Glyphosate.

XTRA TOUGH – Strong systemic formulation kills weeds right down to the root.

Contains: 90g/l Glyphosate

VOLUME – Each pre-measured 80ml sachet of solution will treat a 32sqm area

EASY TO USE – Wearing protective gloves, open the sachet, add contents to a watering can, add water and treat the weeds

RESULTS – Effective on a wide range of perennial and annual weeds, in addition results will show if the XTRA TOUGH weed killer is used on cut trees, tree stumps and Ivy

RE-PLANTING – After treating weeds it is safe once they have died off to use the area for re-planting as no harmful residue remains, the solution breaks down naturally in the soil

Product Safety

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.