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Green Mint / Garden Mint Suffolk Herbs Pack Seeds


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Pack Green Mint (mentha Viridis) Suffolk Herbs Garden Seeds

Sow – March – May.

Harvest – May – September.

Hardy Annual.

Height 60cm.

Creeping rootstock

Erect stems and long, pointed leaves with pink-lilac flowers. Use the fresh leaves with new potatoes, carrots and peas or on green salads. Float the leaves in summer drinks and use the fresh or dried leaves to make mint sauce. Mint tea is most refreshing and has medicinal properties.

SOW INSIDE in a tray in soil-less compost. Cover with sieved compost and maintain at 20c.

Prick out into pots when large enough. Transplant outside into rich, moisture-retaining soil in sun or shade.

HARVEST the leaves at any time. For drying, harvest the leaves before the flowers appear.

Approx 1000 seeds

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