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Cabbage ‘Red Drumhead’ Pack Kings Vegetable Seed


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Kings Seeds Leading seed suppliers since 1888.

Solid round heads with crisp hearts of purple red colour. Ideal for pickling and cooking.

Crops from September onwards.


Sow the seeds thinly in a nursery bed 1cm deep in late March or April in rows 15cm apart.

Sowings can be started in late February under cloches or in a cold frame or in modules under glass at 16C. Thin the seedlings as they grow to about 8cm apart. In April or May when the seedlings have 6 or 6 leaves they should be transplanted to the growing site spaced 45cm apart all round. Tread in firmly and water well. Never let the plants dry out at the roots in summer.

Approx 500 seeds Per Pack

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