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Wildflower Seed Mix Cornfield Annuals 80-20 – 25g Pack King’s Seeds


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Description (Contains grass)

A carefully selected mixture of colourful annuals once commonly seen in our cornfields.

Mixture contains 20% wild flowers and 80% grasses for quick and easy establishment.

Wild flower native species: Corn Chamomile, Corncockle, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Field Poppy.

Grass species: Browntop Bent, Strong Creeping Red Fescue, Crested Dogstail, Chewings Fescue and Sheeps Fescue.

25gm pack, enough for 5 square metres.

Handy Tip: Wildflowers prefer a poor soil with low nutrients, before sowing remove all existing weeds from the area to be sown, then prepare the soil to a fine tilth ready for sowing.

Sow seed mix at 5 gms/m2 and only lightly rake into the surface.

The nurse grasses within the mixture will appear within 7 – 10 days; the wildflowers may vary depending upon species – some may take only a few weeks, while others can take several months.

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