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WOLF-Garten Multi-Change ‘Patio Brush’ Garden Broom 40cm SB400M Quality Tools


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A high quailty, versatile and space-saving interchangeable tool system, the Wolf Garten Multi Change range consists of eight different handles and a wide variety of tool heads which click into place and can be swapped over in seconds.

This enables you to use one large handle for multiple tools, saving valuable storage space and making it easy to transport your tool kit between locations when required.

The SB400M is a heavy duty broom head which is suitable for sweeping outdoor areas like patios, driveways and garden paths.

It is made in Germany from durable, high quality materials.


• Working Width: 400mm

Features & Benefits

• Quick and easy changing of the tool heads with just a “click” to attach

• All the attachments can be combined with all the handles (one handle for all kinds of work)

• Handles in various lengths to suit your body size for ergonomic work without straining your back

• Extendible handles allow safe working at height without ladders

• Multi Change tools are especially robust and cope with even the most extreme working conditions


Please Note • SB400M Multi Change Garden Broom Head only, handle to be purchased separately

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