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Bayer Moss Killer Concentrate Moss, Algae & Weed Killer 500ml Pack


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Moss Killer Concentrate controls mosses and algae on natural paths and on open areas around trees.

It can be used under shrubs and trees because it doesn’t harm the woody parts of the plants.

For use on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation and permeable surfaces overlying soil.

The product is suitable for use on gravel or other permeable surfaces where no vegetation is wanted, including around the base of walls and sheds, and on any waste ground which is not intended for growing.

Do not use on impermeable surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or paved areas, where the weedkiller solution might run off onto adjacent land, or into drains or gutters.

Moss Killer Concentrate is an algae and moss killer with activity against all green plant parts.

Good spray cover of the mosses and algae is essential.

Do not spray or allow spray to drift onto cultivated plants, as Moss Killer Concentrate destroys all green plant parts.

At temperatures below 15 deg C the effect can be lessened.

Rainfall within less than 12 hours after the treatment may impair the effect of the product.

Mosses and algae on paths and on open areas around trees will usually be controlled by a single application but repeat application may be applied at 3-4 week intervals if incomplete control is achieved or following regrowth.

Maximum number of applications per year = 4.

Measure the area to be treated and determine the amount of spray required, do not make up more spray than is required.

Maximum individual dose 170ml product/10sqm.

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